Winter Session II 2022 - Manager's Guide

All the Gameday Info You Need to Know

Winter Session II 2022 - Manager's Guide

We want to first thank you for your patience as we navigate this new system. It is a change from what we’re all used to and it may be uncomfortable at first. There’s a reason we roll these things out in one of our smaller seasons. That said, below are the details for gameday procedures. If you have any questions please email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We will be in contact with our referee assignor to make refs aware of procedures and we’re happy to allow some le-way these first few weeks. 



Both teams need to print and bring a gameday roster to each game (despite seeing both rosters on the sheet). Anyone has access to a roster via the website, but team managers are responsible for bringing a gameday roster. To print your gameday roster…

  1. Visit and under the “Contact” tab select “Team Pages.”
  2. Click on your team name, scroll down to  locate the proper game and click on “vs” near the middle of the page.
  3. At the top click, “Print Game Report PDF.” Print the pdf and bring it to your game. 

Because of the way the system works, if a players register the day of a game, they may not populate on the roster in time for the game. Simply include them as a write-in and they will be included on the official roster for the next game.


Player Passes

Our system currently doesn’t support digital passes. For Winter Session II, the board will email team reps a sheet of player passes. Bring this sheet to each game for the referee to check in each player. We recommend laminating it or putting it in a protective sleeve for easy use throughout the season. You may wish to cut them up and distribute them individually if a player wishes to sub on another team. 

Similar to the rosters, if a player registers after the league sends out the passes, we will send team reps those passes as soon as we’re able. If a player is without a pass for any reason, please use a driver's license or other form of ID.



You may include up to 6 write-ins on your roster, where players are physically hand-written on the roster. They must still present a valid player pass.


Demosphere App

Schedules are available on the Demosphere app. If you click on each game within the calendar, players can log their attendance if the team wishes to utilize this feature. You can also communicate with your team through the app. Unfortunately attendance and communication is not available through the desktop version.

Here is a link to learn more about the Demopshere App.


Team Fees

Team fees will be charged after the first game. You will be notified when and how to pay as well as the deadline. Expect team fees to be the same as Winter Session I, about $1,050 (this does not include the team registration fee of $300).