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$22 Player Pass fee - Winter Session I (MORE INFO))

To: All MWSL players

From: Your MWSL Board

Re: MWSL Technology Transition

We’d first like to thank you for sharing in our excitement about our new MWSL branding, including our new website and technology platform! There are several reasons we made the switch, including that our previous system was nearly 20 years old and did not have the capability to support the MWSL and our various seasons, divisions, nights of play, and other factors needed to successfully operate a league of our scale. While the interface may have appeared easy to use from a player perspective, the board of directors struggled with workarounds, manual work, and insufficient tech support for years. We are excited about the capabilities of our new site and appreciate your patience as we adjust to the differences. 

One issue we were unable to anticipate with the switch-over was the $22 fee that is being charged to Winter Session 1 players who had already paid their fee in the fall or for the charity tournament. The Board has come up with the following solution to rectify the issue…

Those who paid $22 for Fall: 2018 or Charity Tournament: 2018 and are playing in Winter Session 1: 2018 will need to pay the $22 registration fee (as our old and new systems are not linked in any way). You may request a refund of $22 by emailing with your name and email address by 12/31/2018. 

No registration fee will be charged for Winter Session 2.

Thank you all for your loyalty to the Minnesota Women's Soccer League, and it’s our pleasure to celebrate our 40th Anniversary with you this year as we continue to grow and evolve as a league!  As always, if you have questions or concerns you can contact us at

Thank you,
MWSL Board of Directors