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IFAB Changes to Laws of the Game

We will be sharing information with team managers at the 2017 MWSL Annual General Meeting about FIFA rule changes that will be implemented this summer season. We expect that all players review these new rules before the start of the season and respect the referees enforcement of them (see MWSL Code of Conduct). We know that there is a lot to absorb so we are providing you with some resources to learn more about the rule changes.

General topics of change:

·        OFFSIDES

·        Goal interference

·        Goals with too many players on the field

·        Referee discretion & use of cards

·        Duties of Assistant Referees

·        Adding time to a match

·        Start and restart of play

·        Shoot outs

·        Fouls and misconduct

·        Free kicks, penalty kicks, corner kicks, goal kicks

·        Throw ins

To read details about all of the changes, we recommend the following links:

Complete Laws of the Game

Summary of changes

YouTube video of changes

As always, we thank you for your continued support of our league and this great sport.  Wishing you a great summer season!

~MWSL Board of Directors