The Minnesota Women's Soccer League

The Minnesota Women's Soccer League was formed in 1978 as a way to fill a void in competitive women's soccer in Minnesota. Starting with just a few teams, we are now over 60 teams strong and have grown to be one of the largest women soccer leagues in the midwest.

The MWSL is broken in 5 different levels of skill. D1A is comprised of our highest skilled teams, with most players being current or recent Division 1 collegiate players who play at the regional and state levels. Several teams are national champions at the youth or amateur levels. D1B is a highly competitive with teams comprised of highly skilled players. While players can range in age, the majority are current or recently graduated collegiate players.

D2 and D3 are designed for skilled players who want to play competitively. Most have a history of playing soccer and their skills range from very high to the medium levels. Games are competitive but with less emphasis on practices or tournament play.

D4 is recreational designed for players who want less intensity on the field or who are just starting out. D4 is considered a low-contact league. Games are more social in nature with an emphasis on fun and learning. Standings are not calculated and there are no division champions.Teams in search of a more competitive environment should consider D3 or higher.

The MWSL is proud to represent women from all walks of life.... Mothers, daughters, college students, and everyone in between. Maybe you've played soccer since before you could remember or maybe you've watched your kids play for years, or maybe you are just looking for a healthy way to hang out with your friends, regardless of the reason, the MWSL is the place for you!