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Player Registration for Charity Tournament closes Fri 10/12

Player registration for the charity tournament will close Friday, October 12th.

Due to the MWSL Online Registration process, a work-around is required for players that are not MWSL members (or intend to be). This article contains important information with regards to how players should register for the MWSL Charity Tournament! Please read this in its entirety!
Players who are registered/paid in Fall 2018:

  • Even though players have paid the annual MWSL Player Registration Fee ($22), they're still required to register for the Charity Tournament in order to appear on the roster.
  • They will NOT be prompted for any form of Player Registration payment.

Players who will register/play on a Winter 2019 or Summer 2019 team (but do not play in Fall 2018):

  • Players should register for the Charity Tournament and pay the $22 Player Registration Fee as prompted.
  • They may choose to pay this online or have their team manager pay this amount.
  • Players will not appear on the rosters and/or be permitted to play unless they have paid the Player Registration Fee.


Players who are registering for the TOURNAMENT ONLY and do not intend to play in future MWSL seasons:

  • The Tournament Only registration fee is $6 (not $22). (Note: If the player chooses to play in the MWSL in a later season, they will be charged the difference of $16 at that time).
  • Players will need to log into their account (if they played in past tournaments or seasons) or create a new account on the MWSL website, upload a photo and complete the registration process as any other player.
  • Players should select REPRESENTATIVE TO PAY when prompted for preferred payment method.
  • Players pay on the day of the tournament via cash or check ONLY
  • Players will not appear on the rosters and/or be permitted to play unless they have paid the Player Registration Fee.


For all players:

  • Team Managers must approve players to play on your roster. We can not complete a registration until approval is received.
  • We will NOT require player pass cards for the Charity Tournament - only that the player appear on the roster and present a government issued picture ID.
  • Government Issued Picture IDs included: Driver's License, Passport, State ID, Greencard, or University/School ID
  • We will print rosters at the tournament on behalf of all teams, this will ensure player who register/pay that day are included on the roster.

2018 Charity tournament rules posted here

Please contact or with any additional questions!